Kinetics of Food Process

Food is generally composed of chemical and biochemical compounds which may exposed each other or to the certain environmental conditions and resulting in the new food compounds. Kinetics means studying the rate of chemical reactions carried out by some catalyst that take place in food during processing, preservation etc. Some reactions are necessary to produce the compounds with best flavour, texture, taste etc. and some may result in harmful substance, spoilage. Chemical reaction occurs when the enough energy brought to the molecules and this will produce the collisions that results in breakage and formation of bond in the food molecules. The important thing that studied in kinetics of food process is water activity, temperature, concentration etc. 
  • Reaction Pathway
  • Homogeneous Catalysts and Heterogeneous
  • Factors affecting the kinetics of Food Process
  • Food Deterioration
  • Kinetics of Food quality
  • Degradation Kinetics of Food

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